Help & Support

This page is a general guide explaining how to find your way around this website and how to get most from it.

CycleCharge is a scheme run by volunteers who give their time freely, often around busy lives. Therefore we are aiming for the website to be a community-run resource for operating the scheme. The website should be the first place you come to for information.

Replying to individual e-mails takes a lot of time. However if you spot an error or experience a problem using the website or a charging-point, please do feel free to contact us directly.

Using the Charge Point Directory

The Charge Point Directory is accessible from the home page and allows visitors to browse regionally for Charge Points or search by postcode for Charge Points near to your present location. There is also the option to display all Charge Points across the UK using the "UK" tab which appears on regional maps or by selecting the "Display All" option in the browse menu.

Alongside the directory listing of Charge Points you will see a Google Map showing the Charge Points. You can zoom in and out and move around using the options in the top left hand corner of the map. Clicking on the Google logo which appears at the bottom of the map will take you to a larger full size map on the Google Maps website which includes more options including the ability to remove charge points from the map.

When searching for Charge Points near to your present location, Charge Points within 50 miles of your present location will be shown along with the distance in miles from where you are.

The Charge Point Directory contains basic information for each Charge Point including address, telephone number and charging hours. Clicking on the Charge Point name will take you to the individual Charge Point page where you can find more information about that particular Charge Point business.

Where Charge Points do not have fixed hours for charging they may request that you call in advance to confirm and arrange.

Using Charge Points

To use Charge Points you need to register with CycleCharge, create an E-Bike Profile and request a Membership Card.

To create a profile, login from the main home page after registering, and then click on Profile and Create E-Bike Profile. Use the Order Membership Card link to request your Membership Card.

You may be asked to show your Membership Card when using Charge Points so always carry it with you.

Latest News

8th December 2014: After a long hatius with the Cyclecharge project, there have been some significant developments in the last quarter of 2014. CycleCharge is now CycleCharge Limited, a non-profit company limited by guarantee. Paul Rogers (Project Manager) and Lynda Graves (Regional Organiser) are now joint Trustee Directors. We hope to invite others onto the board in due course. What started as an informal project with volunteers, is now a recognised legal company . The reasons for this move are three fold; to facilitate easier fund-raising and the application of government subsidy and grants. To faciliate application for partial charity/tax-exemption status. To enable CycleCharge to begin offering cheap affordable e-bike batteries. The last objective is a significant change from CycleCharge's original purpose, providing public charge points. The timing of this has a lot to do with EU and government policy changes concerning moving towards a low carbon economy. This provides significant opportunities for CycleCharge to contribute towards helping lower CO2 by promoting the use of e-bikes and making them more affordable. We are currently in the process of moving to a new host and establishing a new more modern website which will be completed over the coming weeks.