Terms & Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions of the CycleCharge Scheme, covering membership to the scheme, usage of charge points, obligations of charge points and members. There is also a sponsors section covering sponsorship arrangements. This page is a work in progress.

1. CycleCharge

1.1 CycleCharge Limited is a non-profit company, limited by guarantee. The company and charge point network is operated volunteers.

1.2 CycleCharge has an informal administration structure made up of volunteers who make decisions collectively through discussion and meetings.

1.3 The CycleCharge scheme operates freely without any fees to members. Business charge points may not charge fees to members. However, CycleCharge and its charge points reserve the right to review and change this policy at any time. Any such policy change will only be carried out by joint consultation with members and charge point businesses.

1.4 CycleCharge does not inspect or visit charge points and makes no claims or recommendations concerning reliability, safety or suitability for members. We rely on feedback from volunteers and members.

2. Members

2.1 Membership to the scheme is completely free. The only requirements for membership to the scheme are that members must own an electric (pedal) bicycle and register at the CycleCharge website.

2.2 Members of the CycleCharge scheme are individually responsible for their own personal safety and that of their property when visiting CycleCharge charge points. CycleCharge accepts no liability for any loss, damages, or personal injury. Members agree to indemnify CycleCharge and its volunteer group from any and all liability in any compensation claims by members.

2.3 Charge point businesses are not liable for loss or damage to members property, unless they are prepared to accept liability. Becoming a charge point does not confer upon the business, organistion or individual, any liability towards members beyond that which they would normally accept, or have insurance cover for. Members should be aware of this and take extra care to ensure their property is stored safely, particularly when leaving property unattended at charge points.

2.4 Members agree that charge points have no obligation to allow members onto their premises or to charge batteries unless they wish to do so. The right to refuse entry or deny charging is completely at the discretion of the charge point.

2.5 Members agree to comply with the Code of Conduct when visiting charge points and to act respectfully and responsibly towards charge point individuals, business owners and their staff.

3. Charge Points

3.1 Any business, organisation or individual can apply to become a CycleCharge registered charge point, providing they are located within the United Kingdom and are in compliance with basic public health and safety standards.

3.2 Charge points agree to safeguard members property to the best of their ability and to ensure that battery charging is carried out safely following normal health and safety procedures.

3.3 Charge points agree to indemnify CycleCharge Limited and its volunteer group from any claims or liability arising from loss, damage or personal injury incurred by CycleCharge members while visiting their premises.

3.4 Charge points may advertise their businesses on the CycleCharge website but agree not to use this facility to advertise anything illegal or use advertising intended to mislead CycleCharge members into visiting or doing business with them.

3.5 Charge points will be provided with a CycleCharge charging-point badge sticker which they can display on the entrance their premises. Charge points have no obligation to display the sticker unless they wish to. However if CycleCharge decides to remove a charge point from the scheme, they agree to remove the sticker.

4. Sponsors

4.1 A sponsor is a commercial business or other organisation that agrees to provide regular annual donations to CycleCharge Limited in return for advertising on the website and other possible benefits.

4.2 Advertising is provided free of charge in the form of a sponsor logo appearing on the footer of every page of the website, and a listing on the Sponsors page.

4.3 Free advertising and other benefits for sponsors is conditional upon continuing sponsorship and making regular annual donations.

4.4 CycleCharge Limited reserves the right to remove advertising for sponsors who become insolvent or involved in litigation due to bad business practices, in order to protect scheme members.

4.5 Sponsorship is not a legally binding obligation on sponsors. Sponsors are free to withdraw their sponsorship of the scheme at any time.

Latest News

8th December 2014: After a long hatius with the Cyclecharge project, there have been some significant developments in the last quarter of 2014. CycleCharge is now CycleCharge Limited, a non-profit company limited by guarantee. Paul Rogers (Project Manager) and Lynda Graves (Regional Organiser) are now joint Trustee Directors. We hope to invite others onto the board in due course. What started as an informal project with volunteers, is now a recognised legal company . The reasons for this move are three fold; to facilitate easier fund-raising and the application of government subsidy and grants. To faciliate application for partial charity/tax-exemption status. To enable CycleCharge to begin offering cheap affordable e-bike batteries. The last objective is a significant change from CycleCharge's original purpose, providing public charge points. The timing of this has a lot to do with EU and government policy changes concerning moving towards a low carbon economy. This provides significant opportunities for CycleCharge to contribute towards helping lower CO2 by promoting the use of e-bikes and making them more affordable. We are currently in the process of moving to a new host and establishing a new more modern website which will be completed over the coming weeks.